What is Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance?

Personal liability umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance designed to supplement your auto & homeowner's liability coverage, which typically tops out at $500,000. It helps safeguard your assets, protect your earnings, and cover legal fees in case a covered personal injury claim or lawsuit is filed against you

25,000 AICPA members count on the AICPA-endored Plan to help secure their careers and lifestyles.


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Why do CPAs need Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance? 

A new lawsuit is filed in the U.S. every two seconds.1 Given your lifestyle and success, you could easily become a target. Imagine these scenarios:

  • Your teenage driver injures another driver or a pedestrian  
  • Your dog bites a neighbor’s young child 
  • A friend trips and falls in your vacation home and requires emergency surgery 
  • You’re hosting a party when a guest falls down the stairs

Why AICPA-endorsed Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance?

Why leave your assets and finances exposed when the AICPA-endorsed Plan is one of the most affordable methods of asset protection on the market. Features of the AICPA Plan include:

  • Higher limits – up to $5 million available 
  • One affordable rate – regardless of how many vehicles or qualifying residential properties you own
  • Legal defense in addition to the policy limit
  • Includes identity theft expense benefits 
  • Easy application + quick processing
  • 24/7, worldwide coverage
  • Maintain your current auto and home policies meeting the limit requirements
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